Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to travel to Kangaroo Island for work. Along with my good mate Paul @ Camera Man Adelaide, we were on assignment for TVN Hong Kong to capture the aftermath of the horrific bushfires that destroyed over half the island back in December 2019 to January 2020. The footage will contribute to a documentary about the region and global warming.

Most of our time there it felt like we were the only two people on the island. It was surreal. We would travel for kilometres on end with nothing around us but burnt landscape. We would come across the odd work crew repairing roads and contractors trucks involved in the clean-up of destroyed properties. It truly was a tough experience to deal with at times, so much destruction and loss everywhere.

We got the chance to chat with some of the locals and heard a couple of first-hand experiences of the fires. These were people trying to protect their homes and everything they had, then making the decision to flee and let the fire take its course. Eye opening to say the least.

Probably the saddest thing at the moment though is the timing of this pandemic. The locals were expecting the island to be booming and full of tourists right now, pumping much needed money back into the local economy. A lot of places are closed up with uncertain futures.

Do yourself a favour once this Coronavirus shit is all over; go and visit this beautiful island and spend money at the local businesses, shops, restaurants and accommodation. They will need it.

I know I’ll be going back once this is all over.

These are some of the photographs I captured along the way. Enjoy.