The last ever Australian built Holden rolled off the production line this week, marking an end to car manufacturing in this great country. The end of an era! This then was quite a fitting photoshoot, capturing a classic Holden and reminiscing on all the great things this Australian company produced. This is Jon’s FJ Holden, it rolled off the Pagewood production line in Sydney in May of 1955. Although it may appear somewhat standard from the outside, it’s what’s underneath that will amaze you. The FJ body has actually been grafted to a 1975 L34 Holden Torana chassis. The heart has been transplanted, now running a Chevrolet 406 cubic inch motor. Stack injection, alloy heads, upgraded rods & pistons, and a GM LS3 ECU all combine to push out a little over 500hp. This car is Jon’s love, a lot of work has gone into creating it, and he’s one of the many thousands of Holden owners around the country who will continue to proudly fly the Holden flag!